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    Entrepreneurship & Sustainability: A Skill INdia Perspective

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    International Conference

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      There is a strong paradox between economic growth and sustainability. Sustainable development aims at balancing the current needs and the needs of the future generations. From climatic changes, to resource depletion, all these are hampering the ecosystem. Nations, companies and individuals are recognizing the urgency of sustainability. The real food for thought here is whether economic development and sustainability can coexist or are mutually exclusive. Entrepreneurial intervention in the current economic scenario is a great contributor in the growth of economies. The recent initiative of Skill India dwells over motivating budding entrepreneurs. No doubt, campaigns like these are encouraging entrepreneurs and contributing in the economic development. However, the major research domain pertaining to this area is whether the issue of sustainability is being considered simultaneously, or not.
  • Venue:

    Footwear Design and Development Institute Ministry of Commerce and Industry

  • Venue Address:

    FDDI, A-10, Block A
    Sector 24 Noida
    Uttar Pradesh