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    National Conference for Small Satellite Technology and Applications

  • Type of Event:

    National Conference

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      Small satellites designed with advanced miniaturized technologies are able to make missions possible for applications like remote sensing, communication and space exploration which were earlier accomplished by medium and large satellites. With the increasing demand of earth observation satellites for applications in Agriculture,Forestry, Water resources, Urban planning, Town planning, Disaster Management support, Ocean and atmospheric observation etc the number of satellite platforms required to provide these services are ever increasing to meet better specification and more frequent revisits. To meet these demands efforts are required to increase the capacity in the satellite design, production and applications especially in small satellites. In this direction National Conference on Small Satellite Technology and Applications is arranged, addressing the miniaturization technologies, small satellites missions and applications involving the staff and students of universities in India.We sincerely deem that this conference will act as a tech plinth in bringing the researchers, academicians and students together. Major Resource persons of this conference and Preconference workshop are from ISRO and leading scientific organization.
  • Venue:

    Veltech University

  • Venue Address:

    400 feet outer ring road
    Tamil Nadu